More than a decade of international FOOD trading experience, Sanco is proud to be in the country boasting as 'Kitchen of the World'. Locating in the part of the world where abundant of resources available for manufacturing of nutritious food products, Thailand is highly respected as designer's food supplier as we can cater to comply to various national cuisines and cultures, e.g., Halal, Kosher, Macrobiotics, Vegetarianism, Vegan, or the newly trend 'Raw Foods'.
Sanco Foods (Thailand) has been here to develop linkage between quality food buyers who look for good foods and food components manufactured under strict 'food safety' programs. We also serve suppliers and manufacturers from abroad who looks for possibility to supply their ingredients for Thai food processors, Sanco Foods is currently the leading world supplier of Aloe Vera, Pineapply, Nata de Coco, Tropical Fruits, etc. We have also long timed trader in all kinds of vegetable & animal fats and oils. To serve the health food supplement industries we offer, for instant, high quality Tuna oil (both crude and semi-refined) and aqua animal extracts. Please let us know your desire and we will complete it for you.
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